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It comes down to how you are being paid and what currency you are getting paid in

When getting mortgage financing in the US, a review of your income, credit, and assets is always required. When you are a US citizen living abroad, qualifying your income for mortgage financing can be a little more complicated. 

It all boils down to the specifics of your compensation structure. 

Are you self-employed or salaried? 

If you are self-employed, it depends on how you pay yourself. We would need to collect two years of your complete US tax returns in order to show the income you make will qualify you for the amount you want to borrow.  

If you are salaried, it is a similar process to getting paystubs and US tax returns for a regular mortgage in the US.

In which currency are you being paid?

If you are not being paid in US dollars, we will need to do a conversion of your income to US dollars. 

Qualifying for a US expat mortgage can certainly be done, and really depends on the specifics of your compensation structure. We can help make it easy.

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