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Offering you a better understanding of what it takes to get expat mortgage financing

Getting expat mortgage financing is very similar to getting mortgage financing for residents, except with some additional requirements.  

As an expat mortgage broker/banker, we serve as your central point of contact and guide you through the process, no matter what type of home loan you would like.

We offer expat home loans from multiple lenders, enabling us to match you with the right solution for you. Typically, most expat mortgage financing will go up to an 80% LTV (loan to value), depending on the size of the loan and other factors.  

The core of the process revolves around the three main parts of your financial profile; income, assets and credit.  

To get an expat home loan, you will need to show two years of tax returns with sufficient income to qualify for the amount you are seeking.

Overseas income will be converted from foreign currency to US dollars (using an FX conversion), and a portion of that will be used for borrowing purposes.  

If you run an overseas business, the income can still be used for borrowing purposes. Full financial statements and an accountant’s letter will be required as supporting documents.

If the information is presented in a language other than English, it will need to be translated. Both personal and corporate US tax returns will be required as well. 

Getting a US mortgage as a US expat living abroad
Getting a US mortgage as a US expat living abroad can allow you to continue to invest in property

Assets will need to be converted and deposited in a US bank prior to closing, and a full credit report will be run. If there is not enough credit to qualify the traditional way, then we are able to look at alternative credit profiles.  

Regardless of additional requirements, don’t let the expat mortgage financing process intimidate you. It is a straightforward process with a few different but very manageable details, that we can assist with. 

Contact us directly below and a US expat mortgage broker will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions.