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We recently sat down with the James and the team at Atlas Wealth Management to discuss Australian expat mortgages. Atlas Wealth Management specialises in financial planning for Australian expats.

During the webinar, we discussed 10 things to consider around Australian mortgages as an Australian expat, you can also read up on them in greater detail.

  1. The mortgage process for Australian expats. What needs to be considered as part of the process of obtaining a new mortgage.
  2. Foreign salary for the mortgage process, including the currency that the expat is paid in, how they earn their income and the supporting documents required.
  3. World wide assets to be considered on the mortgage application, including factoring the expats overseas and local assets and liabilities and income and expenses.
  4. Deposit requirements for Australian expats and how they can use existing equity in Australian property as well as cash and other liquid assets for the deposit.
  5. Purchase with a foreign citizen, what needs to be considered when purchasing with a non-national purchaser and the lending issues.
  6. FX risks for Australian mortgages, managing the repayment of the mortgage in AUD whilst earning foreign income.
  7. Lender policy with Australian lenders and the restrictions for Australian expats.
  8. Credit score and the impact on the mortgage application, due to comprehensive credit reporting, this will report of the expats Australian credit history in detail.
  9. Loan features available for expats and what restrictions may be placed via lenders. Offset vs redraw, variable, fixed, principal and interest and interest-only loans.
  10. Bank Valuations for Australian lending

If you have any questions as an Australian expat, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can book a phone consultation with Jeremy, using this LINK to discuss your short and long term goals.

Please contact expat mortgage broker to discuss in detail.